Bah Humbug

Those who worked with me last winter know that my mantra through the entire Christmas season was a daily Starbucks trip to procure a Grande Eggnog Latte and Cranberry Bliss Bar. Now that I’m on this whole health kick thing, I figured I’d check out the nutritional information of the aforementioned mid-morning snack. It consists … Continue reading Bah Humbug


Nothing like starting your Friday by surfing a little work-related porn. Also, I started my Christmas Shopping last night. I suppose that means it’s time to put up the tree & lights this weekend. The stuff I bought yesterday is all random “Christmas-themed Gifts.” Meaning they’re really cute, and not intended for anyone in particular. … Continue reading TGIF


Calling all eligible bachelors (or bachelorettes for that matter): Are you having a fabulous Christmas party this season? Are you lacking an appropriate escort to said event? Look no further! I am available! And I am cute, and socially proficient! (Or at the very least, I will not get so drunk that I dance on … Continue reading Attention:

Holiday Cheer!

I’d like to draw everyone’s attention to the ‘Holiday Cheer’ section in the sidebar. If you’d like to receive a Christmas Card from me, email me your postal address, and away they will go! It doesn’t matter where you live – I’ll send a card to any complete address, anywhere around the world. Everyone loves … Continue reading Holiday Cheer!

Turkey Lurkey

Making stuffing and roasting fowl is disgustingly easy. It takes a little planning and preparation (procure foodstuffs, thaw, stuff) but is really more observation and monitoring than actual work. The real bitch of it all is the cleanup. So if anyone has desire for roast bird and stuffing, come on over. I’ll make it no … Continue reading Turkey Lurkey