Twenty Eleven

2010 was quite a pivotal year for our little family. In fact, it splits quite neatly down the middle into BC and AD – Before Conception and After Deathwatch. The year started with our awesome trip to Thailand, a few frantic months when we thought we were going to move to England, trips to las … Continue reading Twenty Eleven

Oh, Christmas Tree

I love Christmas like a fat kid loves cake. So it pains me to admit this year, I kindof hate our tree. Specifically, the lights. We switched to all LED lights this year for our tree, and (as I suspected they might be) they are aesthetically hideous. The thing I love about a beautiful Christmas … Continue reading Oh, Christmas Tree

The 12 Days of Christmas

Hello lovelies! I hope everyone had a fantastical Christmas (or whatever it is that you do or do not celebrate). Despite a rocky start with the weather being what it was, mine turned out really quite splendid. Also, our ambitious feast for 14 featuring a homemade turducken was nothing short of awesome. Of course, after … Continue reading The 12 Days of Christmas