And a new one just begun

2012! Hello!

Since four resolutions last year seemed ideal for resolution domination, I’m going to go with four again this year.

1. Resurrect I really enjoyed starting my “cook through a cookbook” project, and then all of the authors (myself included) went and had babies, and the thing died as our priorities shifted. But now I have a freezer full of amazing, local meats that I think would do the recipes in my Orchard Table book proud, and I’m really starting to feel a passion for food and cooking again. The site itself also needs a bunch of work, but I think it’s all manageable, and I’m excited to get back in the kitchen and start sharing that.

2. Get Crafty. We established long ago that I am scared of crafts. But there seems to be a strange shift after becoming a mom where I think along with magical spit and the ability to lactate I may have developed a propensity to craft. Specifically, there are three projects I’m planning to undertake this year: A terra cotta pot fountain, a set of 24 fabric book pouches as a reading advent calendar for next Christmas, and finishing Isaac’s baby book (which is scrapbooking-esque). I’m not actually any sort of stranger to tools or glue-sticks or sewing (though it has been a quite while for the latter) so I’m cautiously optimistic about making these things (and hopefully some others) in 2012.

3. Find a sport for 2012. I use the term “sport” loosely, because I don’t actually want to join a team or play a game, but I do want to find a twice-weekly physical activity to commit to in 2012. I’ve been loving the mom & baby bootcamp classes I’ve been doing, but my baby is about to age-out of those, and they’re held during workdays anyhow. I need to find a before or after work thing to get into. I learned long ago that I am not a gym rat and don’t work out when left to my own devices. Criteria are pretty low: there must be a regular schedule (ideally 2x/week), and there must be an instructor to lead/design workouts/correct for form & posture. So far I’m thinking swimming, running, yoga or gym classes like spinning or zumba. Suggestions welcome!

4. Document my Life List. I have been meaning to do this ever since Maggie posted hers a few years ago. I’ve always had a running tally of stuff I’d like to do in my brain, but never committed it to paper (pixels?) and checked it off. After seeing what a powerful thing it can be to share your goals and desires with a community, and getting a little motivating shout-out of my own on her blog after sharing one of my achieved items, I’m really feeling like I need to get the damn thing down already. Bonus: it will make for handy resolutioning in years to come!

So, there you have it. Four resolutions to help make 2012 another fantastic year. How about you? What’s going to make your year great?

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3 thoughts on “And a new one just begun

  1. jen

    I’m excited about getting back into cooking this year too and the cookbook blog is good motivation.

    As for exercise, I’ve loved the spinning classes I’ve taken and used to go regularly when I had a gym membership – if you find a good one, let me know! Running clinics are good too… you don’t necessarily have to train for an event, although that helps. I think most groups meet twice a week and then have a longer run on the weekends. I never used to like running with other people, but in the last few years it’s what I prefer.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Carlos

    As for the regular exercise thing, I used to coach “Masters”, a 2-3 x week group for new and returning swimmers up at SFU, back when I went to school there.

    If you are serious about improving your swimmming skills, I highly recommend this so have a look around at the pools either by your workplace or where you live (convenience). UBC or the Vancouver Aquatic Centre should offer them and talk to the coaches that run them. At SFU we had a lane for newbies, and a lane for triathletes, so the workouts were tailored to ability. Good coaches should be giving you at least one tip/thing to work on.

    Good luck!

  3. Kiki

    Maybe not up your alley but I really really enjoyed belly dancing because it’s something that helps with your coordination, balance, and flexibility. It’s also *FUN* which was one of my main requirements for taking any kind of active class. Generally classes are taught in different levels so you can work your way up in difficulty. It also teaches you to do amazing things with your arms independent from the rest of your body. I really enjoyed learning to isolate different muscle groups and then move them in ways that most other things don’t allow you to. Plus? Pretty. 😉

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