3 thoughts on “Firefly”

  1. i found the Firefly series while i was in my 1st trimester and spent most evenings wallowing on the couch in a haze of nausea. i watched it all pretty quickly and though i’d never speak it out loud, my internal voice spoke with a western accent. i haven’t watched the movie yet (Serenity I think?) and when i think about it i feel a little nauseous… 😛 i sure wish the series had continued!

  2. Welcome to the Firefly fan club. We’ve been waiting for you.
    We discovered Firefly thanks to Andrew’s penchant for watching every new show that airs on TV to see if he likes it…and our downstairs neighbour back in 2004…When the movie came out, she bought us the DVD set so that we would know and love the whole story.
    We watch it. All the time. Especially when we see Adam and Nathan (and especially our fav: Alan) in their current TV shows. Just not the same as our Jayne and Malcolm and Wash…

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