Baa Baa tasty sheep

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  1. Aaaaah you’re so nonchalant about this! This post bothered me so much it really brought to the forefront how much I like to play ignorant about where my food came from when I am eating meat. Which is a bit of an eye-opener for me because I thought I was okay with it, but maybe I’m not really. It’s tasty, but I could never eat an animal that I had met while it was alive, much less one that I had named… do you have a hard time with that at all?

    On the other hand though, I think it’s wonderful to know exactly where your food is coming from, that the animals were treated well while they were alive, and that they’re not packed full of hormones, so that is definitely an upside.

    peechie Reply:

    It’s different when you know the animal is destined to be food. There’s no way I could kill & eat *my* dog, even though I’ve eaten dog before. And I’m sure I’d feel awful about eating someone’s pot-bellied pet, even though I love bacon.

    Knowing what I do about industrial food production, I actually feel a LOT better about eating a sheep I knew, whose health I could see in her shiny eyes and thick fleece, and who I know lived out her short but sheepy destiny rather than one who lived in anonymous terror and misery in a factory farm somewhere.

  2. mmmmm…. lamb. planning on moving beyond just lambs next year?

    next question – what did you ever do with the fleece?

    peechie Reply:

    You know, I forgot to find out. We had initially meant to keep it, but it seems a few things fell through the cracks at processing time.

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