Dog Days

After six long months (for reasons entirely of our own doing), our wee family is finally intact again – we’ve got our dog back! Moving your pet internationally is not for the faint of heart, or the thin of wallet! Oy. The dog’s new nickname is Million Dollar Baby. Even with the elimination of quarantine … Continue reading Dog Days


The reality of hanging out with an infant all day is that not much happens worth blogging about. But we have had some progress on a few things I mentioned recently, so for those who’re interested, here’s how life is shaking out these days: The Dog We had a session with a trainer who confirmed … Continue reading Up-to-the-Date

Barking Mad

I’m not sure exactly when, how or why it happened, but we suddenly find ourselves in possession of one Aggressive Dog. Yes, it’s the same dog we’ve always had, except Sasha has decided to stop being completely submissive and start being mean. So far it’s only to other dogs, but considering how completely docile she’s … Continue reading Barking Mad


We got Agnes the lamb from a livestock auction. A fairly typical one, from what I can tell after reading up on them. It was the saddest place I’ve ever been. I am not generally one to be overly sentimental about animals. I’ve had my share of pets die. I eat animals regularly. I was … Continue reading SOLD!

Baa Baa tasty sheep

Remember Agnes? We’ve finally come full-circle and are taking her back to the mainland from whence she came. This time in little pieces! After a summer of mowing my in-laws’ lawn with her flock-mates, she headed off to the slaughter house and came back as about 55 pounds of meat. We cooked up a roast … Continue reading Baa Baa tasty sheep

Project “Lamb of God”

Now that we’re not going anywhere, we’ve picked right back up on our micro-farming project. You may remember posts from last summer and this past spring on our construction efforts on building the pig shelter and fencing in the yard. Well, they’re finally being put to use! Except, we’ve gone from pigs to sheep! Between … Continue reading Project “Lamb of God”

Penned In

My job for the past number of years has been marketing technology products. For the most part I love it – the amazing ways people are finding to manipulate machines to improve lives (even if it doesn’t always work out that way) is fascinating. The communities are exciting; the innovation is inspiring. I love the … Continue reading Penned In