The Moving of the Things

Whoops. We’re not even into double-digit days here, and I’ve already missed a couple days of BloPo-ing for the NaMo.

Apologies, but I was busy moving 85% of the things that I own to other places, and back again.

It started innocently enough with the bathroom sink. In a battle of Porcelain Sink vs. Ikea Vase, the vase was the clear winner. The sink didn’t stand a chance. Apparently the sink was somewhat bitter, though, about the unfair matchup, because it exacted its revenge by being the most impossible thing to replace, ever.

The contents of the cupboard below my sink have been living in a couple of laundry baskets for the past couple of weeks, being shuffled through hallways and rooms, depending on where we needed the space.

After a hunt to find the make and model of the sink, procure a replacement, undertaking some some tentative removal experimentation and eventually summoning a work party of husband, dad, brother and a motley assortment of tools used normally for everything from standard household maintenance to aircraft repair, the sink was replaced! Huzzah!

It wouldn’t have been a particularly big deal, except it also butted against the deadline weekend of rearranging the rest of our furniture to make room for other stuff.

We’re off next weekend to visit the in-laws and retrieve our supply of lamb, so we needed to replace the deep-freeze we got rid of during the summer with a smaller model that would fit indoors. Except there wasn’t room indoors without downsizing and moving a bunch of the office furniture out of the way.

We also had to move the TV from the 2nd bedroom (previously the office/TV room, on its way to becoming the baby room) into the living room, which meant losing a bunch of bookshelves, which led to cleaning out the closet in that room and purging a bunch of things, and also swapping the former-TV-room couch with the music room chair (aside: free IKEA Klippan – interested?) so we’d have room for our now trimmed-down book supply and the new glider (thanks mom!) that’s supposed to be delivered sometime in the next week or so.

It’s all cleaning and organizing that we knew was coming, but had procrastinated on dealing with until the last minute. So we’re done, until the next round, when we need to find, procure, make space for and assemble a crib. Personally, I think my idea of some shredded newspaper in a drawer is looking better all the time.

This is what you find when you move a couch in my house.

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5 thoughts on “The Moving of the Things

  1. Miranda

    Oh, definitely craigslist the klippan. I sold my poor quality, cat scratched, beat up (leather) klippan a week ago on craigslist (described as such) for $125, and I’m pretty sure they were planning to buy a cover for it.

    Don’t underestimate the need of the masses to procure old couches by way of giving you happy money tokens that buy pretty-non-alcoholic-things like chocolate and magazines you swear you’ll read when you have time

    peechie Reply:

    Ooh excellent. Because frankly, I could always use more chocolate.

  2. Hannah

    Failing that, give it to me. I have space, and will save you the trouble of finding someone from Craigslist to buy it. 🙂

  3. peechie Post author

    You, madam, have just won yourself a couch! We’ll figure out a time to bring it over in the next few weeks (I’m pretty sure it fits in the back of our car).

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