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  1. 🙁 that is sad. and that is EXACTLY why i will only buy “happy” meat. if i can’t afford it, meatless is fine with me.

  2. Just a question…did *you* report the conditions of the animals to the SPCA?

    Even if it seems like a little thing, I think everyone in our society needs to play a role in assisting things to change. The SPCA is not omnipresent; while it’s highly likely that they are already aware of the conditions at this particular auction, they need people to stand up for the rights of the animals in order to monitor and enforce the legislation.

  3. Excellent post Jen.
    I find that even though I’ve read all of the ethical eating books, seen the movies and watched the TED talks, I still need a good reminder every so often. I’m the first to admit that meat (and meat products) is yummy and convenient, and sometimes, when I’ve got a million things on the go, it’s just so easy to pick up one of those pre-cooked (and surely dripping in growth hormones, antibiotics and artificially flavoured brine) chickens and call it dinner. So, thanks for re-affirming that I do NOT want to support animal abuse, never mind subject myself and my family to the unhealthy chemical bonuses.
    And, good for you for taking the initiative to raise your own meat. You’re very lucky to have the connections to do that and still live in the city.

  4. @Nicole – thanks! I know I’m still guilty of grabbing stuff on the go, but it’s the 80/20 thing. I definitely still pick up random things of unknown origin from time to time, but at least I’m aware of it and not doing it often.

    @Brigette – I didn’t. I regret it now, but I was so shocked initially and had no idea that was the norm, rather than the exception.

    The signs are written in a way that they’re directed to the people bringing in animals: “animals in poor condition will be reported” rather than “here’s how to report shady auction conditions” – I thought those animals would be reported, and only found out later that no, the auction house is pretty complicit in this process, and the SPCA doesn’t exactly show up to conduct spot inspections.

    It was only after taking the time to learn more and reflect on the experience that I realized I should’ve called – but by then weeks had gone by.

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