A couple things seem to take over the brief attention span of the internets every November.

First is NaNoWriMo and its ADD cousin, NaBloPoMo. I happened to blog yesterday, so perhaps I shall just keep with it, yes? We’ll see if it lasts until the end of the month.

Second is Movember. For the past few years, Neil’s participated as a proud member of team Mophos, raising funds for men’s health issues.

Not only do I stoically suffer through the lack of delicious beard that he wears for the rest of the year, I also deal with him ending up looking like this at the end of it all:

(Last year’s Mo-spiration was Freddie Mercury. Suggestions for this year? The official theme this year is “luxury”, and the man does own a fedora.)

Anyhow, if you’re so inclined, toss a few dollars either his way, or to Team Mophos overall.

Hasta Mañana!

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