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  1. You know, Jen – there’s a million reasons why I love you and reading your blog, but this post is one of the best I’ve read. Because it removes the supposed “bliss” in the pregnancy. Of course, you’re happy the little one is coming. But being pregnant is not easy, and you’re honest and forthcoming about the discomfort it’s causing you.

    I have to admit – I’m really looking forward to meeting your and Neil’s little one. Karen Parker is coming to visit in a couple of weeks and I’m dying to see Robert (her and Dan’s little one). My friends’ families keep expanding! πŸ™‚

  2. I never understood why they wouldn’t tell you the gender in BC. Are there seriously that many people that would terminate if the baby was the wrong sex?? Every time we went for an ultrasound here (which was a LOT thanks to my many complications) we had to explicitly tell them we didn’t want to know.

    Congrats on the boy! Are you craving a lot of beef? πŸ™‚

  3. The heartburn and the pelvic/SI joint pain were by far the WORST parts of pregnancy for me. My favourite part was feeling the little one squirm around πŸ™‚

  4. try going to a chiropractor. i went to one for both my pregnancies and it really helps alleviate pelvic back pain. lots of chiropractors specialize in pregnancy.

  5. Well, here’s some more stuff to think about (sorry, I can’t resist):
    Enjoy not having your period for 9+ months? Well, don’t get too used to it, because, if you deliver vaginally, be prepared to bleed for a solid 2-6 weeks. And, no tampons for you. Nope – it’s a giant diaper pad between your legs as you walk (that is, once you can walk again) around. Add that to the scabby nipples, exploding boobs, saggy stomach, sleep deprivation, insane hair loss (expect to lose about half of your hair at around month four… don’t worry, it grows back, but you’ll have inch-long tufts that stick up when you try to wear a pony tail), clothes that no longer fit (you get back to your pre-preg weight quickly, but the pre-preg shape is another story all together), memory loss, and pretty much constant feeling of anxiety that you are doing it all wrong… well, let’s just say that it doesn’t end with the pregnancy. But, let me be clear, it is ALL, every last second of it, worth it times a million. Becoming a mama is the absolute most amazing, rewarding and mind-blowing thing ever. It sounds cheesy, but I actually feel like another part of my soul opened up when Adele was born. The love is beyond words.

  6. I totally agree with Nicole. Being pregnant was hard at times, but being a new mom was absolutely the hardest thing I’ve ever done. But SO awesome at the same time (ok not always at the same time). If you think pregnant women are smug, just wait until that baby is born and you’ve survived a couple months, you’ll feel smug, and you absolutely deserve to feel that way! Today while driving to meet Nicole for a stroller run, for a brief moment I thought I’d forgotten the stroller. Loranda commented yesterday how she found the cereal in the fridge. Being able to laugh at those things is very important. Also being able to laugh at being pooed, peed and barfed on while you yourself are leaking milk all over… good times πŸ™‚ One of the things I didn’t expect is how much richer my relationships with friends and family have gotten – not to mention all the support from all the new moms I’ve met. I love it and I am SO thankful. And as hard as it all has been, I would and I will absolutely do it again πŸ™‚

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