Come Fly With Me

So I’m on my way to a conference in Dallas. It’s about 7am at the airport – best time to fly in my opinion. Eliminates most of the infrequent travelers who aren’t hardcore enough to get up this early.

Like I imagine any frequent traveler does, I’ve got an airport routine.

After enduring the hassle & indignity of security & customs, I head straight for the closest newsstand for water, gum & mints.

Then it’s off to grab breakfast. At YVR US departures I like Tim Horton’s. Followed by a beverage stop at Starbucks.

Depending on how much time I have left before boarding, I’ll either hunker down to get some work done, or move straight to loading my pockets for rapid seating.

Food/beverage, cash & visa for online purchases, iPhone, headphones, book or magazine & a scarf/wrap. Everything else is packed back up & stowed.

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