Rub a Dub Dub

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  1. i’ve done a similar cleanse for two weeks a few times now. i felt great afterward, but it was a real struggle by day 6-7. i thought i’d be craving breads, but what i really missed was the dairy. i thought about gooey cheese or smoked cheese all the time!
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  2. I did the same cleanse for the first time last year – the first few days were tough, but ever since I have adopted many of the eating habits. I stopped putting sugar in my coffee and I don’t miss it at all. I also now only eat brown rice as my main carb with dinner. What I missed most? My glass of wine on a Friday night after work… was more of missing the ritual rather than the alcohol itself.

  3. @col – so far my biggest craving is a cheeseburger with sauteed mushrooms (since mushrooms are also verboten on this diet)

    @derek – my best guess is that they don’t do much, but if it makes you feel better (placebo effects are valid) and cut out garbage for a little while, it won’t do any harm. Any comment from an MD I could find said much of the same.

    @rita – I’m surprised at how much I’m enjoying eating the diet, and that I’m not missing alcohol, yet. the biggest thing so far is that it’s *annoying* to have to plan so stringently to keep myself fed.

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