6 thoughts on “Half-Clean”

  1. I did the same cleanse you are currently on and I agree completely. I will never do that cleanse or any other commercial cleanse ever again. I have since learned that cleansing can be done effectively without going off of everything you love and needing to resort to kits and cookbooks.

    A friend’s dad, who is in his 70s and the healthiest guy I know, swears that drinking fruit and vegetable juice only for 24 hours allows your system to flush. Cutting meat out of your diet for a short period will also give your system a break and allow it to rest. Or cut red and white meat out and eat only fish. Cutting out processed foods in general will also give your body a rest. You don’t have to resort to laxatives, select fruit and veg and brown rice to cleanse. You can do it in shorter stints than 12 days and you can do it in a way that makes you happy, not cranky.

    My feeling is, if I feel angry and unhappy while I’m trying to do my body good, the scales have swung wildly off in the complete opposite direction and I may as well be eating cheeseburgers. I think of it as a mind/body thing.

  2. I do my own daily fibre cleanse right now: a half-cup of bran buds on top of non-fat yogurt. It is amazing. It is not for weight loss, but keeps my bm’s large and healthy.

  3. @sparklytosingle @christina yah, it’s pretty disappointing that something that was supposed to make me feel so good is having the opposite effect. i’m glad I know though.

    @darren you’re correct in your assessment. and i suppose the “unnatural” thing is countered with “we eat so many unnatural things, we need to get them out of our bodies” – do any other animals eat processed foods to the degree we do?

    @airdrie that sounds awesome! I miss yogurt and large, healthy bm’s. I’m looking forward to becoming reacquainted with both after Friday!

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