Weekend by the Numbers

Meals eaten involving BBQ’d meat: 5

Times I had cheesecake for breakfast: 1

Hours spent cleaning our apartment top to bottom: 5

BBQs hosted: 1

BBQs attended: 2

People crammed into my apartment at once: 15

Degrees it reached in my living room while 15 people were crammed into it: 30 C (that’s 86 F)

Kilometers biked about town: 20

Pictures printed, framed and hung: 6

Holes needlessly punched in the wall: 3

Baseball games watched at the prettiest little ball park in North America: 1

Empties left in my apartment after the weekend: 4 champagne bottles, 6 wine bottles, 12 beer bottles.

Proportion of those empties consumed by me: quite a lot.

Naps I’m going to require to recover: many.

How was your weekend?

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2 thoughts on “Weekend by the Numbers

  1. Raul

    Meals involving shrimp: 1

    Times I yelled at people who don’t know how to drive in Mexican highways: 132

    Gin and tonics consumed: 4

    Times my mother worried about whether I’d be in good shape to drive back: 12

    Number of tickets for speeding in highways: ZERO

    Square footage of my best friend’s parents house: 2,800 sq ft

    Naps had: None 🙁

    Fun had: LOTS 🙂

  2. jen

    kms driven: 210
    bags of chips eaten: too many
    shots of tequila had: don’t remember
    nights spent sleeping under the stars: 2
    dunks in the Chilliwack river: 3
    mountains summited: 2
    mountains summited in error: 1
    kms hiked: 10
    flat tires: 1!
    fun had: TONS!

    sorry we couldn’t make it to your bbq… next time. 🙂

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