Hole in the Plan

5 thoughts on “Hole in the Plan”

  1. It took me about a half dozen holes to realize that the picture hangers on the glass clip ikea frames aren’t in the same place on every frame. That and the fact I keep printing more photos and shuffling things around certainly doesn’t help. Your photos look great though, hopefully worth the holes!

    Also, when I made the curtain for above our fireplace the one thing Luke warned me about was not to cut the dowel too short. And what did I go and do? Oops.

  2. I’ve basically stopped doing home renos by myself, because I have an incredibly capacity for fucking up. Instructions? What are those? Oh the DESTRUCTIONS. Right. Those are the things you recycle with the packaging, right?

    Remind me to tell you about the time Artos and I put up wallpaper trim on our apartment in Calgary. It looked okay… as long as you didn’t bring out a level.

  3. My dad tore cartilage in his knee when he fell off the outhouse (we were shingling the roof). He carefully made sure the ladder that I was climbing was set and stable before climbing a hastily put down rickety ladder on the other side.

  4. Well, if it makes you feel better … my husband, despite having gone to art school (and done COUNTLESS installations/hangings), and despite working at Ikea (where he does display work every single day), cannot for the life of him hang a picture on the first try. Or the second. Sometimes not even a third time’s a charm! 😛

    Ahh, just worry about those holes later. Nobody needs to know what’s really going on behind the pics!

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