Affianced = Please jerk me around, I deserve it.

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  1. Much of the wedding industry is a crock. And I am part of it when I play in my band, but we try to be professional and well organized and courteous. It seems to me that many couples would get better results by hiring people who do not regularly work on weddings (i.e. photographers who are not Wedding Photographers(TM), venues that do not routinely host weddings, etc.) instead.

  2. +1 on hiring non-wedding people for wedding roles. I got married very young, and didn’t have a lot of cash, so we hired an acquaintance who was a garbage man by day and pro-am photographer by night. We certainly don’t have the best photos in the world, but some of them are pretty cool–he shot them with a medium-format camera, so they look about 100 years older than they are.

    We’ve also subsequently acted as photographers for good friends’ weddings. That’s stressful, but a nice gift to the couple.

    Heh, Derek and I are such men. Here we are providing advice and solutions, when really, you’re ranting. Carry on.

  3. I’ve been toying with the idea of eloping when the time comes for me for various reasons but after reading your post, I am definitely eloping. I thought the rigamrole we went through for my brother’s wedding was bad but it was nothing compared to the shit you’re putting up with.
    I wish you luck with the rest of your planning and preparation. I hope you have a perfect, stress-free wedding day!

  4. Hey, I have a related wedding question. Julie’s going to be a bridesmaid this summer, and so she has to obtain a dress. The bride is mostly handling this, but I was shocked to learn that the dress store requires Julie’s size details more than seven months before the wedding.

    Seven months? Why such a ridiculously long lead time? One theory I had was that it’s totally artificial. They want you to order your wedding dress and bridesmaids’ dresses really early in the wedding planning process, when you have more money to spend. What do you think?

  5. Heh, men indeed. Regardless, your chivalrous attempts to somewhat ease the burden of this damsel in distress are appreciated!

    And April – do not be swayed by those who think you need a “proper wedding” – if you don’t really (and I mostly do – so this is pretty much self-inflicted torture at this point), just run off to Vegas (or City Hall, or wherever).

    Darren: I was going to answer your question in the comments – but it was getting long, so I’m going to give it a post (since it’s kindof interesting, and highlights the ridiculousness of everything).

  6. I wrote you a long ranting comment about how much I hate weddings and how awful mine was. Your comment thing said I didn’t add 10 and 9 properly. I guess addition has changed since my day and it no longer equals 19, but I had to tell you that weddings suck and yes, eloping is better. I had my wedding against my choice and it lived up to its awfulness. A year later and I still hate everyone and everything involved with it.

    Grr, women are pretty dumb for putting up with it. And the crap about this being a one-time encounter industry – don’t the wedding vendors know the divorce rate?

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