Indie I Do!

I already love the holiday season, and in the winter of 2006, there was no better time (as far as Neil and I were concerned) to get engaged. We’d already be seeing family and friends that are normally scattered far and wide, and everyone was pretty happy to add a little extra dose of good … Continue reading Indie I Do!

The Wedding

Now that I finally have time to write, most of the memories about our wedding are getting quite hazy. Thankfully the pictures were just finished, so I at least have a reference for what actually went on. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous or edgy at all on our wedding day. I’d … Continue reading The Wedding


Well, we did it! I’m currently hanging out in bed at the Fairmont YVR, drinking coffee and slowly waking up before breakfast. Our flight leaves at 15:10. For the wedding, the weather turned around completely and we had beautiful sunshine as the perfect backdrop to a really lovely ceremony. And the reception was definitely the … Continue reading Hitched!

The Losing of the Mind

It finally happened. Friday, March 21, 2008. Approximately 10:00am, PDT. I lost it. I snapped. I screamed. I wept. I slammed doors and threw things. I became the complete and utter perfect picture of Bridezilla and threatened to call the entire thing off. Over a $26 piece of hosiery. Straw, camel, back. You know the … Continue reading The Losing of the Mind

Best Co-workers Ever

So, my co-workers are totally better than your co-workers. They’ve been scheming for a week now, completely behind my back, to put together a surprise wedding shower. They even got Neil involved, and had him come to the office for the festivities. I’d been having a completely insane day, between the regular insanity of getting … Continue reading Best Co-workers Ever

Giddy Ninny

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Happy. I kept telling myself that I didn’t want to get to this place, but it has happened. I am completely, totally and utterly obsessed with my wedding. I swore I would not be one of those brides who took any moment, any conversation and related anything … Continue reading Giddy Ninny