Fly me to the Moon

It might be less of a hassle.

This is what happens when an airline British Airways flies codeshare with goes out of business.

You lose your pretty good rate one stop flights (transfer airlines at Heathrow) and, if you’re unwilling to add 2 more stops and $700 per person, get this instead:

March 31
Depart YVR 15:05

April 1
Arrive LGW 10:10 (after a touchdown in Belfast)
Depart LHR 19:15 (after the lovely Gatwick-Heathrow bus journey)
Arrive BCN 22:15

Scratch that, the travel agent is a fucking idiot (when I called her on the fact that “the dates on these itineraries you sent me don’t match up” she told me I was wrong and she just typed the wrong thing – turns out I was right) and had to change everything, again.

Depart LGW 14:45 (at least there’s no bus ride)
Arrive MAD 18:10 (and overnight in Madrid)

April 2
Depart BCN 00:10
Arrive RAK 00:30

Depart MAD 10:30
Arrive CMN 10:05
Depart CMN 12:00
Arrive RAK 12:40

Hope GAP Adventures will change the first part of our tour, because we’ve now missed Day 1. Recover from that ordeal and enjoy our North African/Spanish Adventure just in time for:

April 18
Depart AGP 22:15
Arrive MAD 23:20 (figure out a place to sleep or party in Madrid)

Stay somewhere near the Malaga Airport

April 19
depart AGP 07:00
Arrive LHR 08:25 (and bus back to Gatwick – hooray!)

Depart MAD 07:35
Arrive LGW 09:15
Depart LGW 13:20
Arrive YVR 15:25

If things get fucked up again, I swear some heads are gonna roll. I’d just take the damn refund and rebook the flights ourselves if I hadn’t already looked and seen for myself that anything with a reasonable itinerary and arrival/departure schedule is at least $1500 more for the two of us.

I am just hoping that between the fact that it’s our honeymoon, and this atrocious itinerary, we’ll get some sort of upgrade!

And guess who gets to be in Orlando for work on April 20th? Oh yes, that’d be me! But damned if I’m not stopping home for at least 5 minutes first!!! Sheesh!

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