All you need is Love

Happy Valentine’s day to all of you, from all of us at Chez Watercooler! And from us to you, some chocolate, getting dirty, courtesy of our friends at AdHack (if I’m not eating much chocolate these days – because there is NO room for me to get any bigger and still fit into my wedding dress – I can at least enjoy some dirty thoughts about it):

I’ve been nutty busy with nothing very bloggable these days (work, gym and strata stuff mostly) and crossing things off the wedding to-do list whenever I have some spare time (the last list has been updated, for those who are curious about progress).

So in the spirit of relaxing and reconnecting, Neil and I are going to take some time tonight to just chill out together and take a first crack at both creating a bit of an inspiration board for the new design of our living/dining room and writing our wedding vows. Our shower last weekend was wine themed, so we’ll probably enjoy our fair share of libations during the process.

Are any of you planning on doing something special with your loved ones (or just yourself) today?

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