Despite the cheery snowboarding penguins on my new holiday-themed coffee mug, I’m still having trouble fully acknowledging it’s December already.

But December it is – and that means it’s holiday card time!

If you’ve been reading for a year or so, you know the drill – send an email to jen [at] thisdomain [dot] com with your mailing address, and in a couple weeks you should receive some snail-mail greetings from yours truly.

And I’ve decided to do something a little new and different this year: in the spirit of the holidays, I’ve decided to give everyone a gift!

In my world, a gift is something that means something special to the recipient and will make them feel good, thus making the giver feel good, and everyone wins! Since I’m not lucky enough to know you all personally, I’m going to depend on you to tell me what that is.

Specifically, when you send your address. tell me which charity you’d like me to make a contribution to. The only requirement is that your charity of choice is a registered charitable organization (no Human Fund requests!). I’d also love to hear a bit about why the charity is one close to your heart.

One last rule: all requests must come from an actual human who is willing to share his or her name and is willing to receive some mail. I’ll fully admit that this is a somewhat selfish act, and giving to you makes me feel good. Giving on behalf of isn’t nearly as rewarding.

I’ll accept requests up until 11:59pm on December 24th, and I’ll publish the list of the organizations that will benefit from your gifts on Christmas Day. I won’t publish the total donated, but I will note in my card to you how much I donated to your charity of choice. This amount will fluctuate, depending on the total number of requests I get.

Let the giving begin!

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