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  1. Pentax is a venerable name in cameras, and you made a good choice — the K10D is probably the best bang for the buck in DSLRs today (and this comes from a guy who’s owned Nikons for 25 years).

    For the basics about photography stuff, read this good introduction from photo.net:


    I learned my photo geekery on the fly from people like my dad (former wedding photographer and long time astrophotographer), colleagues and teachers with the high-school yearbook, and a lot of trial and error, so I have no idea what kind of courses or resources to recommend.

    I do, however, recommend that you go out and get yourself a nice inexpensive fixed-length (i.e. non-zoom) 50mm f/1.8 or f/1.4 lens as soon as possible, and use it as often as is practical. That’s what cameras used to come with, and the ability to let in more light (that’s what the smaller f-stop number means) and requirement that you actually MOVE to get a different perspective will make your photos better. Plus that lens is smaller and lighter and easier to schlep around, and will have better optical quality than the lens the camera came with. Here’s an example:


    Generally, as you buy more lenses, it’s a better idea to buy from the manufacturer (Pentax in your case). Even though off-brand lenses from Sigma and Tamron can be good, they don’t have much resale value.

  2. I just picked up a 50mm f/1.8 lens from bhphotovideo.com for nearly half of what it’s going for at Best Buy and Future Shop. This is a Canon lens, but they sell Pentax as well. Happy picture-taking!!

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