Feisty Friday Love List

For whatever reason I’m feeling kinda frisky today. And what better way to get it all out (and go back to my regular cold and miserable self) than to purge it from my system with a Meg-inspired Love List:

Remember that bonus I mentioned receiving (along with the aerodynamic socks) after coming back from Trade Show Hell? I have finally decided what to do with it. The KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer. The Cadillac of small appliances. I’m venturing out to the burbs to pick it up tonight! I can already smell the Christmas Baking.

I have finally started exercising again. It’s still too damn cold for running, but I have managed to get up off my arse and actually work out a few times this week. It hurts. Mostly in a good way. But definitely for the best, considering the aforementioned point.

Doing good, with your help! Send me an email naming a charity you’d like me to donate to this holiday season. I’ve already gotten a few emails, but am certainly excited to get more. Even if you’re pretty sure I already have your address – drop me a line anyway with a shoutout for the cause near and dear to you.

Neil’s coming home tomorrow! The worst parts about his absence have been:
a) the fact that I’m currently not getting coffee in the mornings (at least not until I make it to Starbucks, which requires being dressed and presentable), and
b) it’s far too stuffy to sleep in our apartment at night with the windows closed, which means that when I wake up in the mornings, it’s up to me to leap out of bed and attempt to dash to the other end of the apartment to close the windows, turn on the fireplace, turn on the heat in the livingroom, turn on the heat in the bedroom and dive back under the covers for 20 minutes to warm up. All hopefully without tripping over the dog or myself (not an easy feat at 6:00am pre-caffeine!).

Along with my mind (which thankfully has returned) I seemed to have lost my social life after disappearing for a month for work travel. Now that holiday parties are in full-swing and I don’t have to keep turning down invites for being out of town, I can feel that slowly starting to change.

We’re only 3 sleeps away from getting the first glimpse of the inside of our new place! Hopefully will be able to move forward with a closing date shortly after that. We’ve already given notice to our landlord. It’s finally really happening!

Aah. Better. Now I can get back to my curmudgeonly self.

Got any love you need to purge? Drop it in the comments, post on your own blog, and go tell Meg!

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One thought on “Feisty Friday Love List

  1. gillian

    Welcome to the Kitchenaid cult. Be careful what colour you buy, as you’ll want to match all kitchen utensils and appliances to it. I’m cobalt blue for the rest of my life.

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