Is this thing on?

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  1. Have you considered not having the food in the bedroom, or if it’s not in the bedroom, closing the door to your room so she can’t get out to it?

  2. We did try that. With the door closed it gets ungodly hot in our bedroom. Same deal with not leaving bathroom door open. But that still doesn’t stop the “bed hog” thing (because frankly sometimes we just don’t wake up when she stealths her way on to the covers).

    It’s all part of the “tough love” campaign we’ve got going on with her right now.

  3. I share your pain. I have 2 cats and if they’re not hogging the entire bed and all the covers they’re scratching in the litter tray (according to our cats it takes 10 minutes to bury something good and proper) or leaving ungodly smells that are guaranteed to wake us up. Spike has recently become a feline alarm clock with a meow that is worse than fingernails on a blackboard. This is great when I sleep in on a work day but on weekends I would rather chew tinfoil than wake up to that! Gonk is quieter but when he decides he wants to play fetch in the middle of the night guess whose hand the mouse is pressed into….Aargh!

  4. don’t know what to tell you about the bed hog…it seems they always like to hog “your” space no matter if its a king size bed.

    as for the feeding, do you leave the food down all day/night?

    get her on “your” schedule, not her’s (10 pm & 2 a.m.) don’t leave the food down either so that she can graze all day long or night.

    don’t feed her for a day and then feed her at the times YOU choose….you are the alpha dog, not her! get her used to your schedule, not her’s!!!!

  5. Do yourselves a favour, and read the Monks of New Skete’s “The Art of Raising a Puppy” or “How to be your dog’s best friend”. Then stick to your guns, it just takes time and patience.

  6. Joann: We have a free feeder out. I’m going to further admit that we’re terrible, and say that the ONLY consistent thing about our lives is bedtime. We tried doing scheduled feedings, and found that we’d forget to feed the dog until quite late. She does seem to be doing a lot better though, even after just a couple days!

    Jason: thanks for the suggestion! I’ll look for it at the library.

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