Down with the Sickness

I do believe I’m getting sick.

I have perpetually dry eyes, a cough, exhaustion, sniffles – I figured it was just a matter of time.

Problem is, I haven’t had the time to slow down enough to just get sick! I was really feeling ill on Friday, had a busy weekend, and was a mess on Monday.

I figured Tuesday or Wednesday morning I’d be down for the count.

But nooooooooo.

So far, I still feel just fuzzy and off enough to be annoyed, but not actually sick.

Anyone have any ideas of what I can do to fully bring on some sort of plague, complete with raw, runny nose, body aches, and maybe a bronchial rattle?

I figure the sooner I get sick, the sooner I can hurry up and feel better.

Because this cold and flu season purgatory really sucks.

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4 thoughts on “Down with the Sickness

  1. corree

    I just had the exact same thing. It lasted for about 2 weeks and I never actually got full blown sick – it was always the “my nose feels weird, my throat feels wierd” I felt like I was coming down with something, but never did. I also wanted to get it over and done with. Then one morning I woke up and was fine. Hope you feel better.

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