You Can Never Go Home.

10 thoughts on “You Can Never Go Home.”

  1. If it makes you feel any better, the bordeaux Brook and I bought for our 10 year anniversary is wrapped up in an old comforter and stuffed in the bottom of a closet. Very classy.

  2. Question: Why didn’t you just go buy one at a local Home Depot? Anyhow, I would just take it to one and get them to exchange it – to hell with customer (non)service.

  3. Man, that sounds *just* like my fridge horror story with Sears, only mine includes twice waiting, and twice f-ups by Sears, with a combined total of 6 hours invested. And, I won’t be compensated, because I rent, and I didn’t order it.

    I despise Sears Home Delivery. Good luck with your replacement search! has some great deals on wine coolers.

  4. Go to a close homeDepot, buy a new fridge. Go home, pack the dinged one in the new ones wrappings. Go back and return it.


  5. If the whole fridge thing doesn’t work out, you might want to take a look at

    They’re at 1008 Homer and for less than $3 per case per month they’ll catalogue your wine and store it in ideal conditions.

  6. Thanks anon, whoever you are. If I were to start really investing in wine, I’d definitely consider storing it at a facility like Wine Vault.

    However, I’m not too proud to admit that the biggest appeal of the wine fridge is my superficial yuppie desire to have one so I can display my amateur but enthusiastic collection, guiltlessly crank the heat in my small apartment and still have room in the fridge for beer.

  7. Year after year the Home Depot sends out a press release on how they are going to spend millions of dollars on customer service. I have a news flash for the Home Depot “It is not working” When I signed my contract on 9-14-05 the Home Depot was full of promises and now they can not seem to keep them. Now almost 14 months later and problems still are not corrected you can see the Home Depot just does not care about its customers. They will lose one customer at a time and end up like the old HQ. You can visit my web site at to see the distruction.

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