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  1. three pairs of new shoes each season is TOTALLY reasonable. Really – how can you get by on any less???

    re concerts: keep an eye on it’s the industry site where concerts are announced before the general public knows about it. means you’ll know bout the ones ya gotta see before ticketmaster does and you can at least plan for em.

    beyond that, i got nothin. 😉

  2. 1. No idea. It’s painfully obvious I know nothing about good hair.
    2. Depends what you like. The Silver Jews are playing soon, but they’re not to all tastes. For a nice cheap local band, the Buttless Chaps are playing a couple of shows very soon.
    3. Lots of options…you’ve listed some good ones already.
    4. You know what’s good? Soups. You can make them as light or hearty as you want, full range of ingredients, and you can make LOTS in advance for when you don’t feel like cooking.
    5. It’s painfully obvious I don’t know anyting about good shoes either.
    6. Set your own price, then let the market decide. Make sure to charge less if it’s the dog.

  3. I’m a big fan of the public library. Most of them have DVD’s (and VHS tapes) that you can take out for a week for the low cost of the walk to the library. I’m in for a games night!

  4. When I was living in London and there was no way I could afford the extortionate prices they charge in hair salons over there I discovered Toni & Guy’s training school. They only charge for the cost of the product and the tutors watch them like hawks so there’s no way they can stuff up. Check out where the students from the top salon in your city get their training and you could save a fortune.

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  6. hair – stop getting your hair done downtown. my stylist is great – blonde blonde foils & cut for approx $125 (includes tip). that or start weaving in dark lowlights – awesome look for fall and they don’t need to be maintained as often ’cause the dark roots blend right in.

    food – call me. we’ll talk cooking. oh and dinner parties ’cause i LOVE them.

    concerts – new pornographers coming up. kasabian at the commodore.

  7. K 3 pairs of shoes for fall/winter will work…. your hair and any other “girlie” things, try spa utopia training school at the international village on keefer street, they do waxing, coloring, everything you need in spa services ( hair cuts are 10.00 ) eye brow waxing is 4.00 so you can still have someone that knows what they are doing do you hair. good luck on the 3 pairs of shoes though.. hehehheh…. shoes good! now does that include boots cuz 3 shoes and 3 boots sounds a bit easier… LOL

  8. hair: I guarantee, punky color’s “dark tulip” will not cause your hair to go orange. Pink, perhaps… but not orange. 🙂

    entertainment: I want to start a poker night, but I still need to figure out the logistics.

    shoes: I have no advice, as I am not a real girl. I don’t remember the last time I bought new shoes. I need a new pair, but … meh, I need to go skydiving more.

  9. For the shoes: the first thing that popped into my mind was 3, but ONLY, and I mean ONLY! after all the OTHER non summer pairs have worn out. And by that I DON’T mean, one loose stitch. They don’t have to smell like hell’s underarms, just not be able to be wiped clean anymore. Does that make sense?

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