No War Required

Darren’s entered an online viral video contest with a hefty prize – $10,000 to the winner.

He’s come up with a unique idea of what to do with the prize money, should he win:

1. I divide the money into three pools: $4500, $4500 and $1000.
2. $4500 goes to three charities: The David Suzuki Foundation, the Canadian Cancer Society and Amnesty International.
3. I get to keep $4500.
4. Each of the first 20 people who link to the contest (and, naturally, encourage people to vote for my video) get $50 gift certificates to the online store of your choice. You have to email me after you post your link–I’ll reply to you, letting you know if you make the cut of the first 20.

So, here’s my official link to the contest, my vote, and my hearty “good luck” for Mr. Barefoot to win – for himself, the charities, and obviously me!

And, inspired by his philanthropic approach to things, if I am one of the first 20 to link, and Darren wins, I’ll buck up with my own $25 donation to the Canadian Red Cross.

So hey, what are you waiting for? Go. Watch. Vote!

Edited to Add: His is the video with the soldier in the initial frame, titled “No War Required” in the list of entries.

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4 thoughts on “No War Required

  1. Riann

    You might want to mention which video is his in your initial post. (the one with the soldier for those bothering to read down into the comments)

  2. Sue

    Okay Darren’s video is the only one with a POINT it seems, but as promotion for wind energy, they all suck. If I was a marketing manager buying a video to promote my company, I would have to spend my $10,000 on a drinking binge.

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