Full Moon?

5 thoughts on “Full Moon?”

  1. those pumpkin spice lattes!! i love that flavour and was excited to taste my first sip, only to find out that it tasted, just as you said, like ass. dammit starbucks!!

  2. Am I missing something here? Pumpkin flavoured coffee? How can that be a good thing? We have Starbucks in NZ but they haven’t dared to unleash that taste sensation on us yet….

  3. Speaking of the commute home, I’m fairly certain I saw you (and your boy) on the bus. It was a little disconcerting to recognize someone I’d never met.

  4. I hope you called the police to let them know that someone got loose from the hospital!? Yikes!

    Re: Starbucks – Just wondering… how exactly do you know what ASS tastes like!? (evil grin)

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