Full Moon?

I swear, there is some crazy stuff going on today.

I should’ve realized it when, on her morning walk, the dog didn’t do her normal “I’m gonna fuck around just long enough to make you late for work” thing, and instead just went outside and got down to business when requested.

She must’ve known what was in store for me.

On the bus: An asian schoolchild. I say “child” rather than boy or girl, because I’m really not sure. Everything about this child screamed “boy” – the haircut, facial structure, body shape (I’d put him/her at about 11 years old), shirt, jacket, shoes. But! The plaid skirt and knee socks totally threw me off. Is there a reason a boy would be wearing half of a Catholic schoolgirl’s uniform? Is gender-bending trendy with the elementary set now?

Ok, bus ride over. Work work work at the office. Things seem normal. I go for lunch. I’m walking East on Broadway and some guy is heading West, toward me on the sidewalk. His gait is purposeful. He’s a well-groomed middle-aged man with good hair and a strong jaw. His speech is articulate and he appears to be conducting or discussing business – or at least that’s what I can glean from his phone conversation. He’s talking on a recent-model cell phone, holding it with his left hand, the pinky of which is adorned by a gold ring. Nothing unusual about this. Unless you count the fact that he’s wearing nothing but a blue hospital gown, boxers, and runners without socks.

I was too dumbfounded to get out my cameraphone before he strode away.

A trip to $tarbucks was uneventful, except for the fact that my pumpkin spice latte tastes nothing like pumpkin or spice, and instead tastes like… ass.

I’m just waiting to see what the commute home is going to hold.

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5 thoughts on “Full Moon?

  1. jen

    those pumpkin spice lattes!! i love that flavour and was excited to taste my first sip, only to find out that it tasted, just as you said, like ass. dammit starbucks!!

  2. Jillian

    Am I missing something here? Pumpkin flavoured coffee? How can that be a good thing? We have Starbucks in NZ but they haven’t dared to unleash that taste sensation on us yet….

  3. Courtney

    Speaking of the commute home, I’m fairly certain I saw you (and your boy) on the bus. It was a little disconcerting to recognize someone I’d never met.

  4. Fran

    I hope you called the police to let them know that someone got loose from the hospital!? Yikes!

    Re: Starbucks – Just wondering… how exactly do you know what ASS tastes like!? (evil grin)

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