Karmic Alignment

Usually I cruise through life doin’ what I do, and don’t think too much of it. Then every once in a while, a series of seemingly unrelated events come together and the universe gives me a big kick in the arse and says “This is how it all fits. This is what you’re meant to do.”

Unrelated events:
-Undertook the Weekend to End Breast Cancer, August 2004. Raised $2200 and walked 60kms over 2 days.
-Decided that walking was ok, but I’d rather try to run a half-marathon. Been training off and on since December 2004 and volunteered for Adidas Vancouver International Marathon in April 2005.
-Started planning for a potential trip to New Orleans for Mardi Gras 2006 in May 2005.
-Dad diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes June 14, 2005.

Then, in my email inbox yesterday: An invitation to register to join Team Diabetes at the New Orleans Mardi Gras Marathon.

I’ve never before felt so strongly that there is something I’m meant to do. That all those things I did before were leading up to this. But it’s a damn scary prospect. The running will be tough; raising $5800 in 6 months is a far more daunting task.

But I think I can…

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6 thoughts on “Karmic Alignment

  1. peechie Post author

    Haha, I didn’t say I was going to do it – I’m just strongly considering it.

    But it’s nice to see such great votes of confidence 🙂

  2. tnoakes

    Peechie, from someone who did their first marahton last year I can tell you that it is a GREAT experience. The training is half the fun. But if you have been having some training discipline issue I suggest a running group clinic. I did it that way and it was the best thing for me!

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