The summer of my discontent

6 thoughts on “The summer of my discontent”

  1. Afraid I’m probably not who you’d ask about shopping…my wife likes to shop at Banana Republic, but that’s because she works there and gets a big discount 🙂

    Favourite ice cream flavour: strawberry, but only if it has real strawberries. Otherwise, chocolate mint gelato from Dolce Amore.

    Favourite alcoholic drink: Brown Cow. Yes, it’s a sweet drink…all you experienced drinkers can stop snorting with derision now 🙂

  2. you need to hit “winners”, than screw the ice cream and hit shark club patio (thats if the weather holds out…) have a bombay gin and tonic YUMMY… I would love to go shopping tonight but I was gettin my retail therapy a couple of days ago and currently unable to spend anymore…hmf maybe next time.

  3. I’m helping Devon move her chairs and then the three of us should get some retail and booze therapy. You up for it?

    I’m so OVER this week.

  4. Just make sure wherever you go isn’t so loud that the bartender can’t hear you properly. My friend Feddy bartends down at the Irish Heather, but he’s on his way home from here so he won’t be here tonight, but we were talkin about bars back home last night and I related a story about the one time I went to the Caprice when I was home visiting one time. I asked the bartender for an “Appleton and coke” and he poured up and served me an Appletini and a coke. I didnt want the alcohol to go to waste, so I stood there looking like a big girl and drank the green martini. then to get the taste out of my mouth, a few shots of jager 🙂

  5. Right now, I’d settle for sleeping for about a year and a lot less jerks getting in my face. I doubt either is forthcoming, so, like, get in some retail therapy for me. Anywhere will do, as long as what you leave with is somewhat unaffordable and completely frivilous.

  6. Favourite place to shop: Jacob or Old Navy.
    Favourite ice cream flavour: Chocolate Chip Mint.
    Favourite drink: Beer.

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