Things are still going well at the Spelunking Club. I’m having a great time, meeting great people, and even finding time to do a little spelunking myself. Not having a spelunking background at all, it’s nice to find out that I seem to have a bit of a knack for it – which really helps with the enthusiasm for the job.

The other thing that’s getting quite the workout is my brain.

I came into this job at the beginning of the height of the spelunking season, so work has been skewed heavily toward reacting to things that have already happened, rather than planning for the future. Every day I come across something that I need – such as a program, schedule, coaching or article – that I have to create myself out of a combination of things that exist, and things that I have to pull out of my head to tie it all together. And hope it makes sense in the spelunking world (which it usually does).

And every time it comes up, I get a little rush of panic, followed by inspiration. And the task gets done. And then I remember – THIS is why I went into the communication/facilitation field. Because I’m damn good at it.

And I wonder why the hell I stayed in a job where I was so miserable for so long.

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3 thoughts on “Firefighting

  1. Darren

    I don’t mean to sound dirty here, but I once heard ‘spelunking’ used as a synonym for oral sex. Ever since, there’s been a connection between the two concepts in my mind, which I’ve been unable to rid. As you might imagine, adventures in the Spelunking Club take on a different tone in this context.

    Huh, nope, I sound dirty.

    The next time we meet, I’ll find out what you actually do, which will make these entries less, you know, charged.

  2. -j.

    I would imagine someone has heard just about every verb in the book used as a metaphor for a sexual act of some kind 🙂

    Don’t mind me, I’m just trying to protect my prize 😉

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