I’m Outta Here Random 10

And here it is… my last day at the unrewarding cube-farm.

For those who were wondering, my better judgement won out this morning, and the kahlua stayed home.

And now I bring to you, the LAST DAY OF THIS DAMN JOB RANDOM 10! Lots of repeats from the last couple weeks I’m sure, because I haven’t gotten around to switching up the tunage yet.

1. Billy Talent – Nothing to Lose
2. Killers – Coming Out
3. Jack Johnson – Banana Pancakes
4. Sweatshop Unio – Thing About It
5. Weezer – Beverley Hills
6. System of a Down – Aerials
7. Audioslave – Shadow on the Sun
8. Hot Hot Heat – Goodnight, Goodnight
9. New Order – Turn
10. Black Eyes Peas – Don’t Phunk With My Heart

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