voted off the island

I’ve only got a few minutes, so I”ll try to make this short and sweet. Donna and I went off to theatresports tonight and saw Improv-ivor – a theatresports version of Survivor. Set on Granville Thai-land no less! Good times, Good times!

My only complaint was that Daniel (my fav. theatresports personality) was voted off much too early. That and the girls beside us were kindof annoying. Other than that though, I plan on attending theatresports much more often now!

One more thing… All of a sudden I got a huge influx of readers on my blogspot site. I kindof enjoyed it. But now, no responses. Now that I’m here, are you all still there?

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2 thoughts on “voted off the island

  1. col


    i looooooooooove theatresports. ya hafta go the first friday of the month…Mr Pussycat & his theatre of the bizarre is the best.

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