Feelin’ It

I am totally plugged in to the cosmic energy today. Probably due to the sunshine and the fact that I worked out yesterday for the first time in a month, but whatever works.

What does this mean you ask? It means that if you have been wanting to harrass me about getting out and partying with you, this is a good time to ask – because I’m in that party kinda mood!

I also plan on attending the big Street Party on Sunday afternoon, so if you’re running around downtown and want to meet up with me – gimme a call on my cell and we’ll hookup somewhere.

ps. yes I support the bid, and no I do not want to hear your reasons why I should or should not. I’ve heard them all already.

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3 thoughts on “Feelin’ It

  1. devon

    i SO wanna go to that. you should come by my place before the party and we can walk up there together. i have PARKING! 🙂

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