Gerbonium (my gerbil) died today. Not that it wasn’t coming, he lived a happy and prosperous 4 years. I don’t think I’ll replace him – does anyone know anyone who wants a gerbil/hamster cage and some accessories and supplies? Oh yah – and plucking stiff gerbil out of a cage with a plastic bag covered … Continue reading rip

Reality TV

So from what I hear, there’s this new reality series starting today at 5. It’s going to follow a format somewhat similar to Survivor, and is set in the Middle Eastern desert. Contestants will battle eachother through a series of challenges for immunity and rewards in the ultimate test of their physical and mental strength. … Continue reading Reality TV

bodily functions

On the way home today, some girl puked all over the interior door of the skytrain, and herself in the process. Very gross. It was a little kid (about 12) so I guess she couldn’t help it – but it was seriously disgusting. I had Koya Japan udon for lunch. It was surprisingly edible in … Continue reading bodily functions

Random stuff

I hurt. I went to the gym yesterday for the usual Saturday morning BodyPump class. I’m really starting to enjoy it – melts away the stress of the week quite nicely. The program we did yesterday, however, entailed SIX MINUTES OF SQUATS!!! My legs and butt are seriously protesting. But no pain, no gain, right?? … Continue reading Random stuff