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I hurt. I went to the gym yesterday for the usual Saturday morning BodyPump class. I’m really starting to enjoy it – melts away the stress of the week quite nicely. The program we did yesterday, however, entailed SIX MINUTES OF SQUATS!!! My legs and butt are seriously protesting. But no pain, no gain, right?? Please tell me I’m right!!

In other news, as usual, my boyfriend lent me his car to take to the gym, and I would return it to his place of employment on my way to work. So I drove to the gym, drove home, and when it was time to go to work I went down to my visitor parking area and found his car had been broken into. Upsetting. They tore apart the dash to take the stereo and find the faceplate, broke into the trunk and stole his golf clubs (they had to destry the back seat – apparently they’re not smart enough to pop the trunk latch button), and took his cell (which he had left in the car as well).

Although I know it’s not my fault, and there’s nothing I could’ve done to stop it, I’m still pissed off for him. Because of our quality Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, it’s going to cost him $300 to get the car fixed and the stereo replaced (instead of the $100 it used to cost). And that doesn’t even cover replacing the cell phone or golf equipment. That’ll be a minimum of $500 if he goes through his house insurance to replace it – or much more if he just replaces it outright. I guess it’s not enough to be victimized – you’ve gotta take it up the ass again from the companies we fork out our hard earned dollars to, to keep us protected from all this.

One other small tidbit. I’ve noticed an interesting pattern. I can spout off something that I think is a bit insightful or thought provoking, and there’s no comments. When I spew off a 4 sentence haircut blog, everyone has something to say. Strange.

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3 thoughts on “Random stuff

  1. Donna

    my truck was broken into in front of my old house there. I didn’t even notice at first, because they didn’t steal anything… but they still broke the lock. Gah. $300 later…

    Btw, as far as no pain no gain? My philosophy has always been “no pain, NO PAIN.”

  2. col

    ugh that sucks! i assume it’s not a very secure visitor parking 🙁

    you’re around brentwood right? my ex bf lives around there…he had his car stolen not long ago and they drove it to alpha and set it ablaze 🙁 who knew that was such a sketchy area?!

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