bodily functions

On the way home today, some girl puked all over the interior door of the skytrain, and herself in the process. Very gross. It was a little kid (about 12) so I guess she couldn’t help it – but it was seriously disgusting.

I had Koya Japan udon for lunch. It was surprisingly edible in a not unpleasant way. Unfortunately it caused some gastrointestinal distress. I could give details, but I won’t. I will say this though – for anyone who knows me really well, it was an unsettlingly familiar throwback to the white grape juice incident.

I also ran into some stuff at work, and now have a huge bruise on the side of my leg. This in addition to the latent effects of workin’ it a little too hard at the gym.

On a brighter note, I had a great little bonding session with a friend from school today. I finally feel like I’m making those “friends for life” from college that made for TV movies seem to think that everyone has. This is good, considering school (or at least this phase of it) is almost over. Is it wrong to want to squeal in excitement, and cry in lament at the same time?

(Geez, I sound like a koo koo bird today)

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