Reality TV

So from what I hear, there’s this new reality series starting today at 5. It’s going to follow a format somewhat similar to Survivor, and is set in the Middle Eastern desert.

Contestants will battle eachother through a series of challenges for immunity and rewards in the ultimate test of their physical and mental strength. The object of this game is to outwit, outplay, and outlast your opponent – or at least force them to concede.

Reward challenges will be fought for much more than rice and Mountain Dew. Oil Reserves, Land, and even control over entire countries are some of the tasty prizes that the contestants are looking to win.

Sounds like the best reality show yet, right? Well here’s the kicker – what makes this like no other show on earth – the casualties won’t be team members voted off at Tribal Council, they will be chosen at random from the audience.

The excitement premiers at 5pm today, on every major cable network near you.

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