I don’t know if I ever really note the age of my blog, or how long I’ve been wasting pixels on random blather. If you’d asked me, lo those many moons ago, if I thought I’d still be blogging now, I’d have had no damn clue (though I probably would’ve said ‘yes’ because I was … Continue reading #wp10


In true Vancouver fashion, November has ushered itself in with rain which probably won’t depart until sometime in February, when we’ll be blessed with a week or 10 days of bright, crisp sunshine, to be followed by more rain through April. And not much is better in that kind of weather than curling up with … Continue reading Bookworm

New Low

The man and I were kindof bored last night. TV wasn’t interesting, it was raining outside, books weren’t satisfying our restless need to do something. So we did this. That’s right. We’re now the couple who sits at home on a Wednesday night and does the Crossword Puzzle together. Good thing we finished before our … Continue reading New Low

Up In Ontario

In honour of BC Book and Magazine Week (you’re going to one of the events, right?) I thought it would be a good time to review a great BC Book I recently had the pleasure of enjoying. Well, technically it might not be a BC Book, since it is set in Ontario, and the author … Continue reading Up In Ontario