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  1. Since you got a cookbook from the cayman islands is The Firm. Bonus points in that there’s a movie and you can sit around and say “i recognize that!” and “I slept in that condo!” and “I had a drink there!” except that the Hyatt Brittania still hasn’t re-opened after the hurricane, which is where all the bar scenes were filmed.I recently (cough) acquired a copy of the movie to watch again as someone told me last week that the condo scenes were actually filmed *in* my condo, so I gotta check that out.

  2. I think the book should be Anne of Green Gables and of course for the food you would have to serve Raspberry cordial with plum pudding minus the mouse, but I’m from the Atlantic Provinces so I’m a little biased towards the book.

  3. hmm.. anne of green gables.. i read that and choked.. on my freuit salad.. nice book but has managed to jet me back to pre-adolesnce. 😐
    great book fantastic book.. ! is LONDON by edward rutherford.. it’s esepcially a great book because it’s all about london but it’s even better cause it’s one of the best books i’ve ever read.. and you’ll know london like the back of your hand when you come visit! i digress.. this dude has written about 7 or 8 books all super excellent, the forest, salsbury, the two princes. also another set of books.. is gabadon, forgot her first name but she wrote dragonfly and drums of autumn, be sure to start at the beginning of the series though, the one thing all these books have in common is they’re historically accurate fictional stories that bounce over a long time line.. ie. following a family line through the ages… Another old writer that has written hundreds of the same.. is Jean Plaidy, aka victoria holt. these are all excellent books and if you decide to pick anyone of them up i’d love to read it again with you to discuss… 🙂
    sorry for taking up so much of your blog.. i do tend to rant.. *heart*

  4. Darwin’s “Origin of the Species”? Doesn’t he spend a lot of time on the Galapagos?

    I kid.Let me think about that.

    Incidentally, what’s the gender breakdown of your book club? I have a theory that 95% of all book club participants are female.

  5. April, E., some great ideas there!

    Darren: if only I could get my hands on some turtle steaks to fry up – so tasty!

    And My book club is 100% female, but only because I did that on purpose. I agree though, that even if any guys were invited, I don’t think male participation would be very high. Anyone beg to differ?

  6. Interesting. Considering this has the texture of frogs legs or lobster, I’d say it’s probably quite different. The Green Sea Turtle steak had a texture more like a pork chop.

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