I don’t know if I ever really note the age of my blog, or how long I’ve been wasting pixels on random blather. If you’d asked me, lo those many moons ago, if I thought I’d still be blogging now, I’d have had no damn clue (though I probably would’ve said ‘yes’ because I was full of that kind of hubris).

But it has been a little over ten years that I’ve been blogging. Probably closer to 11 years, since there are a bunch of long-lost posts that never made the migration from Blogger.

And for the lion’s share of those years, I’ve been using WordPress, which turns 10 today.

There are few things (aside from, you know, being alive) I have done for 10+ years. Aside from blogging.

I have made friends, found jobs, met my husband, and learned an amazing amount thanks to this wee website and the world of blogs and blogging. And even though I may spend more time on Facebook and Twitter these days, this blog is the one slice of the internet I truly own, and it’s where I keep returning.

Thanks, WordPress, for making most of this possible, and here’s to another 10!


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