Brushing with SCIENCE!

I know, it’s been a shill-a-minute around these parts, but I have just one more cool product to tell you about before we get back to business as usual. So, without further ado – The Oral B TRIUMPH with smart guide! Yes, TRIUMPH necessitates the caps. I’ve had electric toothbrushes before, and yes, they get … Continue reading Brushing with SCIENCE!


So I’m trying out this twitter thing. 140 characters seems entirely manageable right now as far as blogging and updates go. Feel free to follow me here. Continue reading Tweet!

Bright Lights, Big City

So I’m in New York City! The big apple! The city that never sleeps! I’m bored. I’m sitting in a conference centre (Javits) in a dirty, industrial part of town, supervising our trade show booth setup and catching up on some work. Thank god for free wifi. But it hasn’t been all bad. Even though … Continue reading Bright Lights, Big City


At the beginning of September, my latest contract with Telus finally came to an end and I made the switch to Rogers. None of the mobile phone providers here actually offer what I’d call “good” rates on voice or data packages in the range I’m using, so my decision to go with Rogers was made … Continue reading Phone-y