How much does brand affinity matter?

It’s November. Which means NaBloPoMo. Let’s see what happens when I force myself to blog every day for a month, shall we?  ———————————————————————————– I saw a post the other day about a bad airline experience, and how it tied into a bad email experience. The point the author was making: don’t send promotional emails to someone … Continue reading How much does brand affinity matter?


One of the things I had to decide when planning this move is what on earth to do about a cell phone. In a first-world problem of the highest degree, I am unwilling to go without an iPhone. Credit history doesn’t carry over to the UK from Canada, so getting one on a plan there … Continue reading Freedom!

Game On!

Because I was a very good girl this year, Santa left a PS3 under the tree for me! We’ve been going around in circles since getting our TV as to what kind of peripherals to get for it. Until now we’ve been using my laptop for Netflix (which is okay, except it doesn’t output in … Continue reading Game On!

Give Back!

In the week before I left my last job, I had an epic hardware failure. My work laptop, which had the most current incarnation of my iTunes library on it (and my iPhone backup data), gave up the ghost and refused to give me anything but a BSOD. Right around that same time, my iPhone … Continue reading Give Back!