Brushing with SCIENCE!

2 thoughts on “Brushing with SCIENCE!”

  1. Cool…I was thinking of getting one with my X-mas cash. Do you know the model # as there seems to be more than one out there. Can more than one person use it if they use different heads?

  2. Hey Leslie, the one I have is the TRIUMPH with smart guide.

    And I don’t see any huge problem with using it for multiple people with different heads, as long as you’d be comfortable swapping fluids with them anyhow. The head sits on a little spinny/twisty shaft thing, and that gets toothpaste and whatnot on it during brushing, so I’m guessing it would also share germs around (unless you’re in the habit of soaping down your toothbrush after each use).

    Let me know if you get one, and how you like it!

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