3 thoughts on “Phone-y”

  1. I also made the switch to Rogers (from Fido) largely based on the desire to stay with a GSM provider. Unfortunately it was just before number portability took effect so I’m under new digits since last November (but the new number is really cool — thanks to the awesome girl at Rogers in Montreal).

    Glad to hear everything worked out, you’re totally correct in your statement that new Telus customers get far more than people who stay. That’s why I left Telus Mobility after it merged with Clearnet. My rates were only as good as they didn’t lure me onto a more expensive plan. Sigh. Some companies never learn.

  2. Funny! For my day job phone, I decided to switch from Rogers to Telus (as they offer a pretty sweet corporate deal) – the plan was to transfer my existing number from my Rogers account to my new Telus account. This process was initiated on September 12 … immediately I was able to phone out using my new Telus phone, but all my calls were still going to my old Rogers phone. And get this – it’s STILL HAPPENING! Almost a month later!

    I kept getting the runaround from both providers … finally (just today) Telus suggested that it might be a “hardware problem”. So now I have to take the brand new phone in …


    For my design business, I use Fido prepaid service. They suck too! I think it’s been proven many times over – there simply isn’t a good cell phone provider to be found …

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