Twenty Questions

It’s fairly safe to say that when I resort to memes I am feeling awfully guilty about letting the blog lie dormant, but am somehow incapable of collecting my thoughts into anything that resembles a coherent post. Also, they’re kindof a guilty pleasure. So it works well on many guilt-fronts. I was raised Catholic, can … Continue reading Twenty Questions


Kimli’s trying to start a meme. And it’s Friday evening after a very long week, so a meme sounds like an excellent excercise in mindlessness. I am trying to INVENT A MEME! Actually, I needed to sort my iPhone music alphabetically and I was amused by all the “I ..” titles and I thought they … Continue reading I AM!

Who’s Who

A Meme is always a good way to break the doom & gloom, here’s one that’s been going around lately. Answers are about myself and Neil (as opposed to myself and a mystery lover or somesuch): What are your middle names? Mine are Norma Antoinette (after both my grandmothers), Neil’s are Robert Tyndale (after I … Continue reading Who’s Who

You Asked, I Answer

Answers to yesterday’s questions: From wave tickler: If you could live your life again, what one thing would you do differently (and saying “I’d do nothing differently” is not an option). Phew, starting off with a doozie. There isn’t really one big thing, but there are certainly a staggering number of small instances where I … Continue reading You Asked, I Answer

I’m it, again!

Apparently my feeble attempt at revealing ten whole things (when I was asked for 25) wasn’t up to snuff. I’ve been tagged again by Jen to offer up seven more! But I am still struggling to figure out exactly what you people want to know about me, so I’m going to flip this – I’m … Continue reading I’m it, again!

Twenty Five Things

I have been tagged by both Sue and Kimli to offer up twenty-five random things about myself that you probably don’t know. I can’t actually think of 25 whole things, and have spent the last couple days struggling to come up with just 10. So you get those. I am also supposed to tag 25 … Continue reading Twenty Five Things

One Word

Because I am surrounded by boxes that are not full yet, you get a meme (From Colleen): Here are the ground rules for the newbies: 1. After reading my answers, copy and paste the list into your comment. 2. Change my one-word responses with yours (ONE WORD, even if it kills you). 3. Submit your … Continue reading One Word