You Asked, I Answer

Answers to yesterday’s questions:

From wave tickler: If you could live your life again, what one thing would you do differently (and saying “I’d do nothing differently” is not an option).

Phew, starting off with a doozie. There isn’t really one big thing, but there are certainly a staggering number of small instances where I wish I would’ve been more gracious. The number of times I’ve thought something nice about someone but not said it out loud, or been short and sharp to some person serving me because I’m in a bad mood that has nothing to do with them, or just forgotten to say Thank You really bothers me. I’m making an effort to change that, but the instances in the past still weigh on my conscience.

Airdrie asks: Have you ever been to Vegas? What is your favourite spa, if any? What is your fav. junk food?

I’ve been to Vegas four times now, three of those for work, and I’ve never made it off the Strip. I still think it’s awfully fun though! I’m scheduled to go back in November of this year for work, and will hopefully tack a few vacation days on the end to explore the surrounding area a bit more.

Favourite Spa so far has got to be the Spa at Semiahmoo. The’ve got a beautiful relaxation room for chilling out with some tea and a book or magazines before, between and after treatments, and their menu of services is quite nice as well. It’s a bit of a drive to get to, but close enough that a day at the spa and a night at the resort really feels like a relaxing mini-getaway.

And favourite junk food? Depends on your definition of junk food. I’m definitely more of a sweet-tooth than a salt-craver (though I do like Miss Vicki’s kettle chips) , but I looooooooooooove brownies. faced with almost any selection of sweets, I will choose the brownie every time. Bonus points if it’s served warm with good vanilla ice cream.

Jen wants to know: how did you know Neil was The One? like, specifically. was there a lightning bolt or what? : )

There were a few lightening bolts. About 8 minutes into our first date we had one of those “saying the same thing at the same time” moments. We actually have them quite regularly, but the first one took us both by surprise.

I also had strong suspicions when our first date, which for all intents and purposes should’ve been a disaster, went really well, and we found there weren’t any awkward pauses, and we connected like we’d always known each other.

The last big one was actually the night Neil proposed in Korea. We’d had an awful day in the car, spent alternately screaming at each other and sitting in stony silence. But once we reached our destination, we instantly dropped the anger and turned toward each other (rather than retreating into our own individual worlds) to talk about how awful a day it had been, how awful we had been, and how glad we were it was over.

There are a thousand other little things and feelings that reaffirm we’re “meant to be” but they all come back to the following:

We can absolutely be ourselves around each other. I’m all for a partner who will challenge me, and Neil does in lots of ways, but when it comes to our core values (money, morals, politics & family), we’re absolutely aligned, and our strange quirks are also very compatible. Having each been with people who are positively not aligned morally with us, and living with the stress that brings into each and every interaction, we are both immensely thankful for this and try not to forget how fortunate we are. When we’d been dating long enough to realize that we’d had all the “big” conversations, and want the same things out of life, that was my lightening bolt.

Other than the whole “you just know” thing. Because you do. And if you have to ask yourself if this is it, then it isn’t. You can, of course, still ask yourself, but the answer will be obvious and it will give you peace inside. I know it’s a frustrating answer, but it’s the truth.

Now from Snowgirl: Are you still running and/or snowboarding on a regular basis?

Phew! Back to the softballs! No. The last time I ran was in Boston last October. I hadn’t run in a while, but it was such a beautiful evening that I really felt the urge. So I popped in my Nike+iPod setup and headed out. And I was completely disappointed that the post-run stats didn’t welcome me back after a hiatus. Lance Armstrong comes on to congratulate me for running further and faster than ever before, so the lack of “hooray for getting back on the wagon” thing just pissed me off. (Yes, I know it’s not actually Lance leaping into my earbuds, but seriously, the iPod knows! Give me some encouragement, dammit!).

I also haven’t been snowboarding yet this season. I had a few really good days last year, but I’m still tainted by a bunch of really bad days I also had, and usually forget how much fun it is until I get up there. Also, I didn’t buy a pass this year, so I have to fit it into the budget. I’m hoping to get up for a weekend day sometime later this month.

fireman sam asks: What’s your most disgusting habit? Fess up!

I pick my nose. Only in the privacy of my own home, and when nobody else is around (or occasionally in a bathroom stall if I feel the urge and I’m out somewhere). I find it extremely satisfying to scrape a large hunk of crusty snot out of my nasal cavity. And then I flick it somewhere. I’m never really sure where it lands, but I don’t notice it stuck to the walls or furniture or anything, so I assume it ends up on the floor and gets vacuumed or swept up, or eaten by the dog. I hope that’s disgusting enough for you, cuz that’s about as gross as it gets.

And the last one from Raul: Have you ever tried Ethiopian food, do you like it and if you’ve tried it in Vancouver, which restaurant that serves this type of food is your favorite?

I’ve only been to one: Nyala on Main, and I just went there for the first time during Dine Out. I’m not sure if it’s pure Ethiopian, but I’m far from an African Food Expert and I have nothing to compare it to. Regardless, I thought it was quite good value for the dine out menu, and we’ve already recreated their super excellent lentil salad at home.

And that’s it folks – all the things you actually wanted to know! And I wouldn’t have thought to tell you a single one of them on my own, so thank you, and you’re welcome, all in one!

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  1. donna

    I’m convinced that if we weren’t meant to pick our noses, our fingers wouldn’t be precisely the right size. Also, having a nosering? Picking my nose is pretty much mandatory to scrape the dried crud off of that thing.

    The flicking thing is pretty gross though, so you totally win. 🙂

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