I’m it, again!

Apparently my feeble attempt at revealing ten whole things (when I was asked for 25) wasn’t up to snuff. I’ve been tagged again by Jen to offer up seven more!

But I am still struggling to figure out exactly what you people want to know about me, so I’m going to flip this – I’m going to ask you: what should I reveal?

I’m going to provide completely candid, honest answers to the first seven questions you can cook up, with only three exceptions:

1. I won’t reveal financial information further than what’s already been set out on the blog.
2. I won’t reveal personal medical information.
3. I won’t reveal information that would allow anyone to steal my identity or my assets.

Ready? Go!

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8 thoughts on “I’m it, again!

  1. wave tickler

    If you could live your life again, what one thing would you do differently (and saying “I’d do nothing differently” is not an option).

  2. Raul

    Have you ever tried Ethiopian food, do you like it and if you’ve tried it in Vancouver, which restaurant that serves this type of food is your favorite?

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