Two Years

Look at that, another wedding anniversary! We’ve been so busy lately, it really crept up on us. Plans include a quiet dinner at home with a bottle of the good wine. One of the bigger challenges in the past months has been dealing with the wacky health (physical and mental) issues our damn dog’s been … Continue reading Two Years

Dog-Gone It!

My dog ate my door. No, that is not a type-o or a euphemism or a metaphor. MY DOG ATE MY DOOR! We came home from our trip, picked the dog up from the usual dog-sitters, brought her home and carried on with life as usual. Except suddenly, life “as usual” is not good enough … Continue reading Dog-Gone It!


I only wish I were talking about Neil’s stanky running shirt again. Despite the fact that it had only been 3 days long, this week has been exceedingly busy for me. I’ve had 4 interviews in 3 days and managed to pick up a freelance project. Combine that with an evening volunteering, the sudden heat … Continue reading Odiferous

Dog Days

You know, I had a WAY better title for this one, but do you think I can remember it? Of course not. Anyhow, I’ve been really excited to write about this, but was waiting for everything to finalize and the training to finish before I put it out there for internet posterity. Sasha is officially … Continue reading Dog Days