7 thoughts on “Odiferous”

  1. Oooooh! Poor Sasha!!

    Depending on what time I get up tomorrow, I would be available to do a house-sniff for you, all the while internally cringing because I’m sure my place staaanks of cat litter most of the time and you’re kind enough not to say anything. (At least I can blame it on my husband these days… for another 3-4 weeks).

  2. Don’t worry, I’ll let you know if it still stinks when we’re over next week – but for your sake (and mine too!) I hope it doesn’t. Man, skunks stink.

  3. yegods. my old roommate’s dog got skunked once. in our backyard, so not only did the dog stink, the whole house stank. Luckily, Carol had a bunch of anti-skunk goo around the house already… it wasn’t the first time Bella had chased the “stripey kitties”.

  4. Wow! Not fun at all. When Jazz (our slightly insane cat) was sprayed a couple years ago she decided to tear through the house meowing and spreading that smell everywhere before we could catch her. After bathing her (several times) she was firmly convinced that the whole thing was our fault and was giving us the cold shoulder for a week (about the same time the smell was finally gone from the house).

  5. Oh no!! Poor Sasha.

    And now, your Google ads are compelling me to find the perfect solution for terrible vaginal odor… from the inside out! How interesting.

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